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Greg Lara of Fitness Dynamics

For almost ten years we have served the highly specialized domestic and international market by selling high quality pre-owned Medx Medical and Strength machines as well as other well known brands of commercial fitness equipment.

The Decompression equipment and tables that we have sold in the past such as DRX 9000, Accu spina, VAX D, Z grav, ABS Ultra have been at a fraction of the cost of new. Other brands that we have sold include: Repex tables, Woodway treadmills, and Bod Pods.

Our customers included Hospitals , Physical therapy Clinics, Doctors and Many high-end Personal Training Facilities. Our knowledge and service of the preowned industry is second to none and we are committed to finding the highest quality used strength, medical and cardiovascular equipment available and selling it at a great price.

Partial Client List

  • Willis Knight Hospitals
  • Sti Physical Therapy
  • Absolute Fitness
  • Exercise Coach
  • Back in Action
  • 21 Minute Convenient Fitness
  • P.R.N. Physical Therapy
  • Metrocrest Physical Therapy
  • DR. Mark Valley
  • Back Pain Institute
  • Golds Gyms of Florida
  • One to One Personal Training Exercise Rehab Authority

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When you buy this pair of MedX Medical Lumbar Extension & MedX Cervical Extension Machines. You also get for FREE a MedX Abdominal & MedX Hip Extension Machines

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Current Listings of MedX Machines & Nautilus

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Complete Line of 17 Medx Machines For sale

Complete Seventeen Piece line of Medx  Medical, Core and Strength machines with grey frames and grey pads.

The set includes 2 […]

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Medx Strength Machines, Woodway Treadmill and Wattbike

3 Medx Core and Strength Machines, 1 Woodway Curve Treadmill and 1 Woodway Wattbike all in Mint Condition.

The […]

  • Medx 8 Way Neck Machine
  • Medx Core Low Back Machine
  • Medx Core New Style Abdominal Machine

Medx Core 8 Way Neck, Low Back and Abdominal Machines

Three Beautiful Medx Core Machines For Sale

Medx 8 way neck machine has a white frame and grey pads […]

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Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill Pro 200

The Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill Pro 200 is the “Creme De La Creme” in Rehab Cardio Training

The Alter […]

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Keiser Functional Trainer With Compressor

Keiser Functional Trainer With Compressor
This Preowned Keiser Functional Trainer  is in “Near New” condition.

This Keiser Runner  is out a new […]

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Keiser Runner With Compressor

Preowned Keiser Runner comes with a small Compressor
This Preowned Keiser Runner  is in “Near New” condition.

This Keiser Runner  is out […]

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2 Bod Pod Express Machines For Sale

2 Silver Colored Bod Pod Express

These 2 Silver Colored Bod Pod Express are in near new condition and come with […]

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15 Used RealRyder Articulating Bikes With Computers

15 Premium RealRyder Articulating Bikes
These 15 RealRyder bikes all come with a brand new small computer which cost an extra […]

  • Preowned Keiser Rack with Accessories

Keiser Power Rack With Compressor

Used Keiser Power Rack in “Mint Condition”.
This Keiser Power Rack is out of a Personal Training Facility and includes attachments […]

  • Used Medx Medical Knee Machine L1520

Used MedX Medical Knee Machine

Rare MedX Medical Knee Flexion/Extension Machine for sale
The MedX Medical Knee Machine gives the finest scientifically designed rehabilitation for knees […]

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4 Quantum Strength Machines

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Quantum Low Back Machine
Quantum Rotary Torso Machine
Quantum […]

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Bod Pod ST 2002A – Perfect Working Order

Used Bod Pod ST 2002A for sale
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MedX Kieser Low Back Machine

This MedX Core Low Back machine is manufactured in Germany by Kieser.

For Sale $4,995
For more info about this Medx Kieser […]

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Keiser Strength Line, Functional and Infinity Trainers

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The line of Keiser […]

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Early MedX Line of Exercise Equipment

Beautiful, Early but superior line of Medx for sale.
This set of MedX machines comes with aluminum Top Plates.

Medx has always […]

  • Gold Standard Bod Pod L1510

Gold Standard Bod Pods Are In Demand

This Gold Standard Bod Pod is a New arrival and Sold the first day we listed it.

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Matrix Cardio – Cycles, Steppers, Ellipticals and Treadmills

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We have a total of 18 different types […]

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MS80 Matrix 8-Stack Multi Station

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MS50 Matrix 5-Stack Multi Station

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Matrix Plate-Loaded Strength Machines Racks and Benches

Matrix Plate-Loaded Strength Machines and Accessories

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MedX Medical Machines For Rehabilitation

For the most part of his adult life Arthur Jones always, not matter where he was, experimented with different ways of strengthening his body through exercise. Beginning with dumbbells and barbells he always strove to find a better way. After years of research he developed the Nautilus strength training system and once he had perfected that strength training system he then founded his MedX company and initially the Lumbar Extension machine which was a design for rehabilitation of the lower back. His new strength and rehabilitation system was based on medical research and Jones wrote many research articles about the methods and reasonings for his designs.

The 3 areas of the body that Jones recognized as being the most vulnerable to injury, for any number of reasons, are the lumbar region or the lower part of the back, the cervical region of the neck area and the knee. The very first experimental machine that he developed was the Lumbar Spine machine and once Jones was satisfied that he had produced an effective device for measuring and strengthening the Lumbar spine he went on to design a similar exercise machine for the Cervical area of the spine. This was soon followed by the design of a medical knee machine.

Eventually Arthur Jones made 5 separate medical machines, Lumbar Extension, Cervical Extension, Cervical Rotation, Torso Rotation and the Knee Extension machines. Many clinics, hospitals, fitness centers, chiropractors, neck and back began using these medical exercise machines and the true benefits of using the medx medical rehabilitation system very soon became widely recognized. Today the two Medical MedX machines that are used most are the lumbar Extension and the Cervical extension. These machines are very costly and run many thousands of dollars to purchase new and so it is more financially viable for new clinics to find a second hand or used Medx machine.

MedX Medical Machines Are No Longer Being Manufactured

The original Medx Medical machines are no longer being manufactured as the patent has expired and so the Medical Medx Machines are actually going to become a rarity. We here at have the most comprehensive listing of used or pre owned Medx machines any where in the country and are the best source for locating or purchasing the rehabilitation or strength machine that you are searching for. Many of these Medx medical machines are now classed as being Rare and it is becoming increasingly difficult to source these for purchase. However we carry a listing on this of these Rare MedX machines

The following is an extract from one of the many papers that Arthur Jones wrote called The Lumbar Spine and The Cervical Spine and the Knee. Arthur breaks down the rehabilitation process into its simplest form of these 5 points.

Kind of Exercise
Frequency of Exercise
Level of Resistance
Number of Repetitions
Style of Performance


The value of exercise for rehabilitation has been recognized in Europe for more than two-thousand years, but was generally overlooked in this country […]